iTunes has the largest market share, but Napster is better known, a new survey shows.

An Ipsos Insight study (The second annual "Tempo Digital Music Brandscape") shows iTunes in second place to Napster in terms of brand awareness, (57 per cent against 79 per cent recognised the brand) though it beats its competitor in every other category.

The report describes the current digital music market as "a two-horse race between Apple's iTunes and Napster 2.0."

But in terms of usabililty, Apple's service is best, winning 33 per cent of the vote - up from 24 per cent in 2004. Napster seems to be losing ground here: it took 22 per cent of the vote in contrast to 32 per cent in 2004.

When asked about the importance of features in the music services they use, 83 per cent of the respondents rated good sound quality as the most important factor. Easy-to-search-for music and broad music selection also mattered.

Yahoo! Music, RealPlayer Music Store, Rhapsody and all saw increased awareness in 2005, according to the report, with the most noteworthy new entrants in the fee-based music download arena being Yahoo! Music and the unsigned band's favourite,

The study was based on research conducted among 1,088 downloaders aged from 12 years old that was made in August, 2005.