The iTunes executive who created music recommendation features in iTunes, Atakan Cetinsoy, has left Apple for another firm.

Cetinsoy was business intelligence manager of iTunes. He reportedly developed the customer intelligence strategy and processes for Apple and also launched the personalised music recommendations feature of the service, according to a report.

He has moved on to join MusicStrands, which develops social recommendation and discovery technologies that help people discover and organise music, and share their tastes in music with others, through internet-connected platforms.

The technology appears to work in a similar way to the critically panned iTunes Mini Store, which drew such criticism when it emerged that the feature secretly gathered data on songs users liked to play.

"MusicStrands believes people are the best source for music discovery, and makes it easy to discover music by helping people share their music tastes with others," the company explains on its website.

MusicStrands' software is available for Mac and PC.