The first ever full-length movie to appear for sale on iTunes US disappeared briefly yesterday - only to reemerge with a higher price tag.

Apple raised the fury of speculation surrounding its anticipated online movie distribution plans when it quietly made the Disney Channel movie, "High School Musical" for sale through its online media service, iTunes.

The movie can't be found through a search or via any direct link on the company's front page, but it is a full-length flick (1 hour and 39 minutes duration) and a full-weight 487MB download.

When it debuted the film was being sold at $1.99, presumably as a technology trial. It blipped briefly of the service last night, but reappeared at the same link this morning at an all-new price: $9.99.

While Apple clearly has the technological capacity to support large downloads, the appearance of the movie constitutes the strongest hint yet that Apple may soon introduce online movie sales to iTunes.