Apple's iTunes has become France's leading digital music store, even as the country's lawmakers pass a bill designed to make music from all services work on all devices.

According to iTunes competitor Virgin, Apple's service is now the leading music store.

French-language Mac website, iGeneration, estimates Apple's market share in the territory as "somewhere between 30 to 50 per cent".

"Last year, the competition between Fnac Music, iTunes, and Virgin Mega was very close. All of them had a market share of 30 per cent," the report explains.

Analysts have been speculating that Apple may remove iTunes from the French market if a new law is carried by French lawmakers.

France, meanwhile, has begun lobbying other EU states to exercise the same legislation.

The world's largest music label, Universal Music, is owned by French conglomerate, Vivendi.

Music executives have been complaining that lack of interoperability between music services and devices has been holding back the music industry.