Apple's iTunes Music Store continued to dominate the conversations at US music and technology conference Digital Hollywood yesterday.

A conference discussion covering music, industry, DRM and piracy looked at a number of issues – incompatible formats, next-generation music stores, digital rights management and more, Digital Music News reports.

The panel was asked why the labels allowed iTunes to seize dominance in digital music with Apple's format. A label representative there said the labels don't want to be involved in creating digital standards, as their own previous experiments have failed.

A MusicMatch representative on the panel noted that Apple's success with iTunes has actually helped the industry. "It's what brought many artists and other players back to the table, regardless of format." Reflecting yesterday's speculation, the panel continues to ask if Apple can become the MTV of digital music.

Apple's approach to digital rights management won praise from the panel, as it seems most end users are "satisfied" with the service. The discussion also agreed that 99 cents appears to be the consumer "sweet-spot".