Apple has won a prestigious INDEX award.

Held just every four years, the Danish event aims to recognize the world's best designs and innovations.

Apple's iTunes and iPod share an award this year. These products are "truly changing the way people experience their music", the organization states.

"Apple devised a solution that is as noteworthy for the ingenuity of its business model as it is for the high design 'coolness' of the product", the awards jury declared, calling the combination a "cultural phenomenon".

"The product is chic, totally cool, very well engineered and designed and its standard-setting, elegant user interface has becom a benchmark in its class".

Alongside its awards, INDEX also offers a creative leader summit and two international design exhibitions.

The group says it's "also an international network of designers, cooperations, organizations and design institutions that collaborate in disseminating and applying the latest knowledge within the field of design embraced by the event."