iTunes Japan has accidentally sold albums at a fraction of the retail price.

Albums from Toshiba EMI were sold at just 50 Yen each - the equivalent of 25 pence - according to a local news report. Albums are slated to be sold at 1,500 Yen apiece, or £7.50.

The bargain price was temporarily available last Thursday between the early morning and the late afternoon.

Podcasting for Taiwan

Despite lacking a local music sales service, Apple has released software that allows iPod/iTunes users in Taiwan to access podcasts, according to the Taipei Times.

"We are working with ten radio stations here and consumers will be able to listen to them over at iTunes within a month," Yeo Eng Yiong, Apple's product marketing manager for portables in the Asia-Pacific region, said.

Apple's iPod is the biggest-selling music player in Taiwan.