Microsoft's MSN Music Store is no match for Apple's iTunes, the Wall Street Journal's Walt Mossberg recently declared.

Mossberg wrote that MSN Music Store does offer some positive new features, but remains "marred by some rookie mistakes". As its advantages compared to iTunes, Mossberg lists the fact that the store is available in a Web version, features a better search function, and has more community features, such as user-submitted reviews.

Most importantly Mossberg points out that songs downloaded from Microsoft's version are compatible on far more breeds of music player than iTunes songs, which can only be played on Apple's iPod.

The fact that the iPod happens to be the best player - and biggest-selling - product of its kind on the market should be taken into consideration, Mossberg adds.

But according to the article, MSN Music Store still falls short of iTunes. iTunes for instance features double the amount of songs (1 million compared to 500,000), has no ads, and sells all its songs at a flat $0.99, whereas some MSN songs will cost as much as $4. iTunes also comes with better and clearer download and purchasing functions.

Mossberg finishes by concluding that MSN Music Store is no match for iTunes - yet.