This week's free single of the week on the iTunes Music Store comes from well-known turntablists, Scratch Perverts.

The title track of the forthcoming 12-inch single, 'Come And Get it', is available for free download this week from the service. The track features a guest spot from Dynamite MC, "fearlessly riding the heaviest of guitar-driven beats," in-store notes proclaim.

"We advice you to snap up this testosterone-fuelled club anthem from Scratch Perverts."

The 12-inch is scheduled to reach brick-and-mortar music shops on October 25. The band - Tony Vegas, Prime Cuts and Plus One - have built a name that's synonymous with Hip Hop and battle DJing, with a reputation as one of the world's most progressive DJ collectives.

Also available on iTunes this week is an exclusive Manic Street Preachers pre-release, 'The Love of Richard Nixon'.