New music Tuesday's on iTunes Music Store UK, with a series of exclusives, a single of the week, and more.

This week, the service has made a host of exclusive EPs available. These include songs from The Cure, MeatLoaf, Ana Johnson and Earth Wind and Fire.

William Shatner, whose cover version of Pulp's 'Common People' is rapidly emerging as an underground hit single (The ninth place hit on the official download charts, and number eight on iTunes - just behind Kelis and just above REM), has contributed his own celebrity playlist. You can read it here.

This week's iTunes 'Single of the Week' comes from Son of Dave (aka. Benjamin Darvell, a former member of the Crash Test Dummies). His work is described by Dazed & Confused magazine as: "John Lee Hooker meets the Beta Band meets Pee Wee Herman".

Apple's Playlist Notes say: "Son of Dave is a one-man-band that plays blues harmonica over human beat-box grooves and tops it all with a haunting vocal delivery and wry sense of the absurd". The single is called 'Life is so easy now', and is available here.