The Apple/iTunes/Pepsi ad screened at the SuperBowl has been widely criticized for its use of successfully sued teenage downloaders.

Apple's seeming alliance with the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) and the ads' condemnation of file sharing has irked independent filmmaker Brian Flemming.

Flemming believes that by promoting the RIAA's position, Apple has moved away from its core philosophy as expressed in its last SuperBowl ad, '1984'.

Flemming sat down with his Mac and made a remix of the commercial, adding the text: "Fear is a primary means used by The Party to maintain control over expression in '1984'. Fear also is a potent weapon used by the RIAA to exert control over the behaviour of music fans." He saw 10,000 visits to the site displaying the parody within two days, the report claims.

The Chicago Tribune reports the appearance of a series of parodies of the ad – James Saldana's take was: "The recording industry cheats artists, screws consumers. Who is the real criminal?"