Motorola has achieved regulatory approval for its iTunes-capable mobile phone.

A report on CNet confirms the new product has been approved by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

"A user manual posted on the FCC site shows that the Motorola E790 can run a cell phone version of iTunes and will contain stereo speakers, removable flash memory and Bluetooth technology for short-range radio communications with other devices," the report proclaims.

The flash memory may conceivably be employed to carry a user's collection of songs.

Network availability

The release of the phone has seemingly been delayed several times. Most recently, strong rumours suggested the new device would first appear at the V Festival in the UK last weekend. This didn't happen, but the device has been promised to appear before the end of this year's rapidly-disappearing summer.

It's thought mobile operators have been reluctant to carry the new device because there is no clear built-in profit stream for them, sparking rumours that Apple may reinvent itself as a mobile carrier of its own.

An Apple spokesperson told CNet "As we've said before, Motorola and Apple are partnering to enable millions of music lovers to transfer their favourite iTunes songs to Motorola's next-generation mobile music phones."

The FCC filing also offers portions of the phone's user manual.