Business Week believes Apple and Motorola intend making a wide selection of iPod/iTunes phones available by the end of the year.

The magazine explains the range will include high-end and entry-level products, and that the first fruit of the two firms music mobile-making project together could reach market by the end of July in the US.

The report describes the seeming slowness to reach market so far as a threat to Apple's future market share, "that could put Apple's music empire at risk".

In order to reach a deal, Cingular (the US network described as a likely partner for the plans) is likely to take a slice of sales, and stresses that speed is of the essence to get established in the rapidly moving mobile music market.

"One insider hints that Apple hopes to let people get songs onto their cell phones for the same price, 99 cents, and at the same sound quality as they now get by downloading tunes to their computers," it adds.