Information Appliance Associates has devised an application that enables the automatic transfer of music from Apple iTunes to Pocket PCs and MS Smartphone handsets.

ppcTunes lets Windows PC users copy their playlists to Windows Mobile based devices including the Pocket PC. It costs $9.95.

The application includes a tool that halves the space music files take up on a Pocket PC and a "Sync on Connect" feature that enables music files to be copied every time a device is connected.

The software features a built-in MP3-to-WMA converter. It appears that it will not convert Apple's AAC iTunes tracks, or those with its Fairplay DRM protection. Once converted files can be stored either in the device’s internal memory or on a memory card, according to a PDA Live report.

Information Appliance Associates CTO Terence Goggin said: "This is a really exciting merging of two worlds. Now iTunes users can sync their non-copyrighted music to their Windows Mobile handhelds."

Apple has not yet reacted to the applications existence but in the past has not reacted positively to companies who have added additional capabilities to the iPod. Particularly where the rights protection of iTunes music is challenged.

This is demonstrated by the recent iTunes 4.7 update. One of the update's features is to disable iPodDownload, an iTunes plug-in that allows songs to be transferred from any iPod to an iTunes library. The iPod is intended to be associated with just one iTunes music library at a time in order to prevent stealing music.