Most people plan to splash some cash on the newly launched UK iTunes Music Store, a Macworld Online poll shows.

Of 1,130 respondees, 18 per cent set their spending limit at £10-£14, and 15 per cent said their budget was £15-£24. A cash-happy 8 per cent intend to spend over £60 on music. Just 18 per cent said they wouldn't be spending any money in the first month.

Other results were £45-£59 (4%); £35-£44 (3%); £25-£34 (9%); £5-£9 (13%); £4 (7%); and £1 (6%).

One reader predicts an initial spending spree, but adds: "How much I spend on iTMS will always depend on how good the product is. The more rare tracks and exclusives the better, but I'd always prefer to buy something on CD."

For many the spending decision is influenced by the limited availability of indie sounds.

One reader says: "Recently when I've liked a track I've looked for it on the US Store and have rarely been able to find it. iTunes seems to be a back catalogue of mainstream music. They could really do with getting the less well known stuff on there."

With regard to the availability of older music at the store, another reader says: "Chances are I can find any old tracks I want on old albums at my local CD store or at Amazon for a fiver. iTunes doesn't take account of old records being cheaper."

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