Apple's iTunes Music Store has sold over 200 million songs, the company announced today, and the velocity of sales is increasing.

The 200 millionth song was part of 'The Complete U2', which was purchased in the US by a Ryan Alekman. The company reached its 150 millionth sale just two months ago on October 14.

At that time, Apple was sellling 4 million songs per week. This rate appears to have climbed in the last 10.5 weeks, as the company appears now to be selling music at approximately 4,761,904.7 songs each week, a rate of sale that is approximately 18 per cent up on October's figures.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs said: ""iTunes has now sold over 200 million songs, making it the world's number one online music store by far.

"We're thrilled to be making music an even more popular gift this holiday season with iTunes and iPod."