EMI is preparing to release a bells-and-whistles digital collector's version of the Beach Boys Pet Sounds album, initially exclusively through iTunes.

Pet Sounds: The 40th Anniversary is being made available as a digital collection from August 28. It will be available exclusively through iTunes for four weeks, before other services begin to sell it. A physical version of the collection will also be made available, one version as a set of coloured vinyl discs, the other as a CD collection featuring an exclusive clutch of video footage on DVD.

It's a revised edition of the twelfth studio album from the band (recorded in 1966), an album now recognised as one of the most important recordings in popular music. In 1995 Mojo's music editors declared it "The greatest album ever made".

Former Beatle, Paul McCartney said of the album when it was released: "Pet Sounds blew me out of the water. I love the album so much. I figure no one is educated musically until they've heard that album."

This edition includes all the original tracks and a huge host of rare or unheard material - sessions, vocal mixes and more. There's 90 audio tracks included within the collection.

"This release gives a unique glimpse into the harmonic magic of The Beach Boys," EMI explains. "You'll hear the highlights from the tracking dates for every song, the final instrumental takes in stereo without vocals and the vocals without the music. Included here are more than twelve earlier mixes that were originally shelved, along with the original mono album and the first ever stereo mix."

EMI's offering also features a collection of hitherto unseen DVD footage of the band. These videos include the original Pet Sounds promotional video, as well as unseen video of the band at Brian Wilson's home.

iTunes will also be offering an exclusive digital booklet to accompany the collection.