As media attention focuses on Apple?s iTunes Music Store, the BBC has published a report purported to contain information about Apple's plans, leaked to the Web.

The report states Apple to have sold 3.5 million songs through its service so far - with sales of about 500,000 tracks per week. Half the tracks sold are as albums.

The majority of the information emanates from a report published by independent record seller CD Baby last week. This report appeared briefly last week, but was subsequently withdrawn.

Facts included in the report include:

Music-buyers tend to listen to ten song previews for each song they buy.

Ninety per cent of sales are one-click downloads, meaning credit-card information is stored on Apple's servers. Apple licenses the one-click technology from Amazon.

Apple is not negotiating separate deals for separate companies. All labels are being offered the same deal, regardless of artist roster. Apple pays accounts on a monthly basis.