Apple's iTunes Music Store has once more received recognition at an industry award ceremony.

The store won a 21st Century Achievement Award in the Media, Arts and Entertainment section of Computerworld's annual awards. It was nominated by Morgan Stanley "For Reshaping the Global Music Industry through the introduction of its iPod and iTunes Music Store".

The Computerworld Honors brings together the chairmen or CEOs of the world's foremost information technology companies, leading universities, libraries, and research institutions to "document a revolution in progress", according to Computerworld.

"The Honors Program is dedicated to identifying the men and women, organizations and institutions, that are leading this revolution and to recording the impact of their achievements on society," says the organizer.

Finalists are selected by a panel of distinguished judges based on benefit to society, importance of IT, originality, success and difficulty. There are ten categories including education and academia; environment, energy and agriculture; manufacturing; and science.

Apple's iTunes Music Store is a finalist in the media, arts and entertainment category. It is credited as "a digital music jukebox provides Windows and Macintosh users with a fully integrated music store." Sharing the nomination are Kasenna, the Museum of Modern Art (New York), Reuters, the American Museum of the Moving Image, the University of Michigan, and Vizible Corp.

Apple also wins some recognition in the science category. The Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University is recognised for "creating the world's third-most-powerful from scratch in three months using PCs, dramatically lowering the cost of advanced scientific research." Apple's involvement in this project is not noted however.