Apple's iTunes Music Store has been recognized as one of the world's '50 coolest Web sites' by Time Magazine.

The title describes its list: "This is not a directory of the 50 greatest Web sites ever. Rather it's a tally of the best sites that launched – or piqued our interest in some way – since last year's list. Think of it as our roundup of 50 nifty links we think you should check out."

In the lifestyle and culture category, Apple's Music Store makes the list because: "despite several copycat efforts in recent months, this is still the best place to buy music, legally, and it's more popular than ever," Time writes.

Music is also the order of the day in another of Time's best sites – iPodlounge, which wins recognition in the 'communities' category.

"If you're one of the millions of consumers who now seem permanently attached to an Apple iPod, here's your home base," Time reports.