A deluge of Chinese music debuted on iTunes US last night.

Digital music aggregator, The Orchard, has arranged a deal that brings thousands of Chinese tracks to the service, including that country's number one paid download, "Mouse Loves Rice". This track alone has been downloaded over 200 million times in China since its release last year.

Twenty of China's biggest labels have been signed up. The selection includes an exclusive digital-only Jackie Chan charity track (for a mobile eye hospital) and albums that show the diversity of modern China's music scene: Chinese hip-hop, rap, rock, traditional and cultural music all feature.

Much of the Chinese music catalogue will be included this week in an iTunes feature on world music.

"The Orchard's landmark launch of this rich spectrum of leading artists and labels from China again demonstrates our commitment to opening new markets for artists and enabling the free flow of music across borders, oceans, and cultures," said Greg Scholl, CEO of The Orchard.

Chinese songwriter and producer Jolland Chan called the move: "A monumental step for the Chinese music industry.

"Music has been an integral part of Chinese civilization for the last 4,000 years and with this launch, Chinese music will begin to resonate in all corners of the globe," he said.

While the new selection of tracks is available in full through the US store, not all the tracks appear available through the UK.