Apple, iTunes, and Heather Mills-McCartney are raising money to underline the desperate need for organ donors in a tribute to UK footballing legend, George Best.

His family are deeply involved in the project, which Mills-McCartney instigated scant weeks ago. She was able to contact Apple CEO Steve Jobs to get a special song and video commemorating Best onto iTunes within 12-days, she claimed on UK television last night.

iTunes is selling a song and video set - "My Brilliant Feat" by Colin Hay in tribute to Best.

The digital re-release features bonus video footage of some of the finest footballing moments of Best's career.

He died on November 25 at just 59-years old as a result of multiple organ failure.

Proceeds from sales of the £1.49 track and video are going to the Donor Family Network, an organization that supports donor families and promotes organ and tissue donation.

Some UK commentators have criticised Best - recipient of an organ donation - because he continued to drink once he had received his donor organ. In his late life, Best suffered a constant battle with alcoholism.

As part of a response and in memory of the man: "His family are helping with organ donation in every single way," promised Mills-McCartney.