Nearly half of the top 100 Podcasts subscribed to at iTunes were produced by independents.

These include the efforts of a 34-year-old in Manhattan – NY Yankee Pod; HawaiiUp; a report on life in Japan; and two that focus on sex.

The most popular Podcasts are Apple's own show promoting new music in its store, Al Franken's Air America Radio network show, and the independently produced "Inside Mac Radio."


Advertisers are starting to take notice. According to Pheedo chief marketing officer Bill Flitter Podcasts are beginning to generate support from advertisers. "You can really reach targeted audiences through this kind of micro-content.

"Advertisers are now coming to us and want to know how to buy space and time in blogs and RSS and Podcasts," he told MarketWatch, revealing that in the past six months the number of clients his firm has helped use these media has increased 60 per cent.