Nominet UK was this morning served with papers relating to an application for Judicial Review in the High Court of the regulators decision concerning ownership of the domain.

CyberBritain filed papers at the High Court on Tuesday 14th June (case number CO/3860/2005). The litigant is arguing that Nominet lacks sufficient authority to act as regulator for such claims, as the DTI recently declared that Nominet lacks the authority to issue domains in the UK.

The case questions the legitimacy of Nominet's authority to issue and resolve matters pertaining to "" domain names.

Benjamin Cohen, CEO of CyberBritain said: "We have decided to refer the decision for Judicial Review in the High Court with a view to overturn the ( decision and to make recommendations for improvements to the way that domain name disputes are handled within this country, and ensure that the regulations for domain ownership comply with the Trademark Act."

The full text of the Judicial Review claim is available online.