Apple UK has made company CEO Steve Jobs' iTunes UK-launching keynote speech available online, and is also hosting its new iPod TV ad there.

During his keynote speech that introduced iTunes Music Store for the UK, France and Germany, Jobs stressed Apple's love for music. Macworld has full reporting of the event available here.

He observed that the UK, Germany and France together represent over 62 per cent of Europe's music sales and a huge chunk of world sales.

"iTunes really competes with piracy, not the other services. Piracy is the big enemy – the market has shrunk in France and Germany and seen zero growth in the UK," he said.

Additional highlights included an Apple product demonstration that involved an HP notebook, and a live performance form Alicia Keys.

Apple's new TV ad for iPod and iTunes launched on terrestrial TV this week and runs until early July.

Apple's first Silhouette iPod advertisement last week won the $100,000 grand prize Kelly Award from the Magazine Publishers of America.

Kelly prize judge Mike Hughes told AdWeek: "The advert demonstrated to people that you don't have to spend a lot of time talking about features to get people to make a human connection with your product."

Over half of Macworld Online readers who voted in a poll earlier this year think the iPod ads are "cool".

Media Week senior editor Mike Butcher agreed: "Targeting youth makes sense from a prime-marketing perspective but because the iPod is not the cheapest player around, this would suggest the market is actually a bit older."

In December last year the BBC published its analysis of Apple's campaign. Author Brian Wheeler said: "When it comes to the youth market you've either got it or you haven't". He went on to say that "at the moment, the iPod has got it".

The new iPod ad is available here.

The Steve Jobs keynote presentation is available here.

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