Apple has admitted it will not make 100-million iTunes Music Store sales by April 28, despite predicting such a feat last October.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs told The Wall Street Journal: "We're not going to make that number. At the rate we're at right now we'll probably have sold 70 million to 75 million songs by the end of April."

Apple's original prediction did not include tunes downloaded as part of the Pepsi/iTunes giveaway, the company suggested.

A spokesperson told The Mac Observer: "We will not be including them in download counts. Nielsen SoundScan does not include them in tracking our single-track downloads and share of that market."

Pepsi-related downloads have been lower than Apple expected, said Jobs. He told the Wall Street Journal that redemptions from the Pepsi promotion "aren't what we thought they might be", adding: "Many of the Pepsi bottles with the winning bottle caps were distributed late."

Pepsi sources have confirmed that only a small fraction of Pepsi products containing the iTunes giveaway were on the streets of New York before last week, according to The Mac Observer.