A security research firm claims that a security flaw exists in iTunes for Windows.

A firm called eEye Digital Security says it has found a "critical vulnerability", but reports over the weekend on the discovery have been conflicting.

Some reports claim the flaw affects iTunes 5 and 6, while other reports indicate that only version 6 is affected. The company also originally said all systems (Macs and Windows) were affected, later altering its position to say only Windows users need fear harm.

As reported, the risk seems to be that the flaw could let malicious users remotely take over a user's PC. They can achieve this when a user browses a malicious website or opens an infected email.

Last week, Apple confirmed that its Windows implementation of iTunes had repaired a similar flaw.

Despite the hubbub surrounding Eye Digital Security's claims, no clear information on the problem is visible on the company's website.