iView Multimedia has launched a new service that accelerates the process of submitting images to stock photography service Alamy.

The service streamlines submissions, with the collaborators claiming it "radically reduces the time required by professional photographers to prepare images for sale online".

iView MediaPro 3.0 now features a the new Alamy Wizard, which simplifies the stock photo submission process into just three easy steps.

Each stock photography service has its own way of tagging and cataloguing images, which means users must furnish each service with individual file identifiers, tags and descriptions for images they want to sell.

The Alamy Wizard integrates both companies' tagging and cataloguing systems from within iView MediaPro 3.0. The software will validate the images for the stock image service, after which pro snappers just need to burn the collated images to a CD and send them to Alamy, which then uploads the pictures.

When photographers next log in to the "Prepare images for sale" area on Alamy and see their submitted images displayed they just need to email the service. The images then go on sale.