Apple's Mac OS X upgrade 10.2 is a UK sell-out, resellers have confirmed.

Most resellers have either sold-out of 10.2 – known as Jaguar in the US – or simply haven't been able to get hold of it, a number have confessed.

OS X 10.2, costing £99, was launched worldwide at the weekend.

Julian Bird, director of London-based MR Systems, said: "I've never seen a Mac OS selling so quick. Our weekend sales of the upgrade out-stripped those of OS X on its March 24 debut last year. We've found that companies are more keen to buy than end-users."

Another London reseller, SRS Systems, has experienced difficulties selling the upgrade. SRS sales director Sanjay Patel said: "I'm still waiting to get 10.2. We haven't been able to get our hands on any copies yet, but we've a number of back orders waiting to be filled."

The department-store chain John Lewis has also confirmed that it won't have any copies of the upgrade in "for at least four weeks".

One reseller who wished to remain anonymous disclosed that 250 copies of 10.2 had been sold over the weekend, and that a further 500 are expected on Friday.

He said: "It seems to be the sort of the thing that Mac owners do. When OS X was launched there was a launch party, and people were queuing all night. Mac users seem to be a really keen bunch."

Apple announced that more than 100,000 copies of 10.2 were sold worldwide during its first weekend, setting a new record for Mac OS sales in a single weekend.

Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs said: "Jaguar is our fastest out-of-the-gate OS release ever, and it’s looking like a home run. The reviews are off the charts, and customers are raving about Jaguar’s stability, speed, new features and Windows compatibility."

The upgrade has 150 new features and applications, including iChat instant messenger.