Japanese supplier of iPod parts, Nidec, is likely to ride on the success of the iPod, as are other suppliers of parts for the device, according to an analyst.

Nidec makes 70 per cent of the world's motors for hard- disk drives – including the motor that spins the iPod disk drive. It has more than doubled its net income in the three months to December 31, to 8.1 billion yen ($77 million).

Nidec's stock rose 19 per cent in the past year, almost twice the 10 per cent gain in the benchmark Topix index, according to Bloomberg.

Morgan Stanley analyst John R. Alkire told Bloomberg: "Companies like Nidec excel in precision engineering and have potential to do well as consumers demand smaller handheld gadgets."

Similary, shares of Japanese company Foster Electric, which makes speakers and earphones for the iPod, have more than doubled in the past year. Its group net income in the nine months to December 31 grew 68 per cent to 1.69 billion yen.

Neither Nidec nor Forster Electric confirmed that they supply iPod parts to Apple.