Lutris has announced its preview release of Lutris EAS 4.1.1 for Mac OS X, its Java services architecture promising highly-reliable Mac OS X Java 2 (J2EE) applications.

It's a significant step forward for Apple, observers claim. Mac OS X is already attracting converts from the Unix and Linux developer communities. Now the company's won the attentions of a major Java developer.

Lutris says: "The preview release of Lutris EAS 4.1.1 for Mac OS X has been made available by Lutris Technologies because we believe that the exciting new Apple platform is going to capture the hearts and minds of the Java development community. It definitely has won over Lutris developers."

The Java script Paul Morgan, the company's chief technical officer, said: "Apple has created a compelling platform that combines the best aspects of Unix with great user interface technology, making OS X irresistible to Java developers. Lutris EAS is the perfect next-generation J2EE platform for Apple and its growing OS X developer community."

Lutris suggests its enterprise-server level solution offers Mac developers a route to building maintainable, scaleable, device-independent Web applications. Features include clusterable server fail-safe mechanisms; Java Services Architecture; and Web services capabilities.

It also supports major wireless and voice XML standards, including HTML, WML, SMS, J2ME(TM), i-mode's CHTML and XHTML as well as VoiceXML from the Worldwide Web Consortium. It also offers Barracuda support, which standardizes the process by which Web developers construct forms, localization, client detection and event handling.

The product is capable of generating code implementing non-J2EE behaviours, such as scheduling, rules engines, polling, and long-duration transactions.

The preview version is time-limited and available for download.