Energis and GEO Interactive Media have released Streamwave for the Mac.

Streamwave is a media-streaming technology that lets Macintosh users access audio and visual content without needing a plug-in, and without downloading large attachments. Streamwave is already available for Windows users.

Streamwave offers dynamic streaming, meaning it has been designed so bandwidth fluctuations do not adjust the streaming experience. If the bandwidth fluctuates, the streaming adjusts automatically to the scale of the bandwidth.

Explorer exclusion The Mac player is a Java Applet. It's capable of displaying video through Netscape Navigator 4 or above. Ross Brown, a company spokesman, explained the lack of Internet Explorer support: "It's about the way Mac OS handles Java. For Explorer, the problem is with the Virtual Java Machine used in the application. We felt it was important to get some kind of a Mac player for Streamwave out there. We are working on Explorer support."

Managing director of Energis Squared, John Beaumont, said: "Streamwave has been revolutionizing the way that audio and video content is streamed across the Internet. Using it, people can access live and on-demand content from a Web site without worrying about long download times, or whether they've got the latest players.

"With the addition of a Mac-compatible player, complete multi-platform coverage is almost here."

Media players The company believes that the on-demand audio and video market is ready to expand, citing a report from PC Data which claims only 41 per cent of households with Internet access have players such as QuickTime installed. Energis Squared believes that the beauty of its solution is that there is no need to download or maintain a player Plug-in, as all this is handled by Streamwave's particular implementation of Java.

Streamwave can encode at up to 15 frames per second – a 28.8Kbps modem stream uses three to seven frames to ensure a decent quality picture. It can handle up to 10,000 users concurrently, irrespective of connection speeds and without crashing the server or delivering slow, or "clipped" streams, according to the company.

It's a business-level solution with a business-level price, current customers include GMTV. In a statement, the company said: "Over a two year period, Streamwave is priced on a par with an equivalent Real or Microsoft solution." The company suggests that to stream a two hour event to a maximum 500 users would cost from £3,650. Energis Squared also believes its technology will be of use for video conferencing applications.