Inprise/Borland has announced that its JBuilder cross-platform Java-development environment will be fully Mac OS X compliant, the first time this solution has worked with the Mac.

The company made the announcement at the eleventh annual Borland Developer’s conference. JBuilder 3.5 - the current version - provides visual tools and reusable components for creating platform-independent applications for the Java 2 platform. The next update will become a pure-Java development environment for Apple’s next generation operating system. The inclusion of Mac OS X support will let Java developers build applications on the Mac, taking advantage of the Aqua design elements.

Dale Fuller, interim president and CEO Inprise/Borland, said: "We are extremely excited to announce our plans to provide JBuilder, recognized by the industry as the best Java IDE for Apple’s Mac OS X."

Mac OS X will support the Java 2 platform, standard edition (J2SE). It will be the only high-volume, out-of-the-box operating system with Java 2 integration. Clent Richardson, Apple’s vice president of worldwide developer relations, said: "With its robust technologies, Mac OS X promises to be the most powerful, yet easy to use operating system for professionals and consumers alike.

"The combination of Mac OS X and Borland JBuilder will enable our developers to have industry leading tools for building next generation solutions."

JBuilder for Mac OS X will be available when Mac OS X is released early next year.