Steve Jobs is close to selling his New York penthouse, the New York Post has disclosed. The multi-million dollar apartment overlooking Central Park went on sale last July for $14.5 million, and has now gone to contract. The buyer was originally believed to be Bono of U2 (signed to Universal Music), but that rumour has now been scotched, so the buyer’s identity remains a mystery.

The penthouse is a two-bedroom terraced duplex. It contains a chef's kitchen, dining room and a full entertainment floor. It has 16-foot ceilings and wood-burning fireplaces.

Despite the fireplaces one visitor to the apartment said "It has an eerie, almost mausoleum-like quality. It's very edgy, and not the least bit warm."

For more details, photos and floorplan, check-out the real-estate agent's Web site.

Jobs is known for his minimalist tastes. His Woodside home was famously devoid of furniture when Jobs launched NeXT Computer, and the Los Gatos house he owned earlier in his career was furnished with just two chairs and a mattress.