Business Week Online has published an interview with Apple CEO Steve Jobs speaking in his capacity as CEO of animation studio Pixar.

The interview concentrates on the way Pixar makes movies, how stories are produced, and glances at Pixar's future plans.

The article begins: “Steve Jobs is unusual in American business, in that he's the driving force behind two successful companies – Apple and Pixar.” Jobs controls 61 per cent of Pixar.

There's an additional Business Week piece that looks at the company's finances, calling it the “most consistently profitable studio in Hollywood”, with a market capitalization of $2.49 billion.

“We just decided to keep thinking of stories ourselves,” Jobs told Business Week. All Pixar's movies so far have come from an original idea generated within the company, Jobs claims. “We hire wonderfully talented people who have great stories they want to tell,” he said.

The company currently has more Ph.Ds working on its movies than ever before, Jobs claims in the interview. “We like taking risks on talented young people.”

Jobs is optimistic for his Hollywood company: “What we're concerned about is trying to make the best movies we can and surprising and delighting our audiences,” he promises.

Pixar stock currently stands at $50.10 per share. The company filed its quarterly report (Form 10Q) in mid-August.