The BBC's Web site continues to see strong traffic following its declaration that Bill Gates is the most powerful man in software development.

The BBC broadcast Thursday night saw Alvin Hall declare Microsoft's Bill Gates the most powerful computer mogul.

Almost 5,000 people have added their votes to the sub-5,000 votes cast last Friday. The online poll – which asks, "Who is the computing world's most powerful?" has now seen 9,991 votes cast, with just 19 per cent of the public favouring Gates and a massive 81 per cent show of support for the other software innovator considered in the BBC's show, Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

The BBC is hosting a selection of comments, which broadly favour Jobs, reflecting public opinion: "Bill Gates moves software, Steve Jobs moves people," one reader writes.

Other readers point out that Gates exerts more influence in the seats of power, with Microsoft helping bankroll US president George Bush's controversial election win. Others point to Microsoft's clear dominance of the desktop.

One reader points out that while Gates may have helped finance Bush, it’s Apple that has former US vice-president, Al Gore, on its board.