The Wall Street rumour mill is humming with reports that Apple and Pixar CEO Steve Jobs may emerge as a future CEO of Disney.

The New York Post (not to be confused with the New York Times) reports: "As far as the entertainment industry and Wall Street would be concerned, the most welcome second-in-charge and nominal successor to current Disney CEO Michael Eisner could be none other than Steve Jobs – head of Apple and Pixar, and the guy who currently has Disney over one massive barrel."

This report follows the resignation from Disney's board of the last-remaining Disney family member, Roy Disney, and respected director Stanley Gold. Disney and Eisner had developed an acrimonious relationship.

The Drudge Report this week ran a story claiming Eisner had dismissed Disney, Gold and Jobs as Shi'ite muslims – because they had a difference of opinion. Eisner later denied making such allegations.

Now it seems Eisner may choose to appoint Jobs to Disney's board – but Eisner "apparently doesn't much like Jobs, either". And Jobs dislikes Eisner.

The report explains that Disney and Pixar are currently renegotiating their movie production contract.

The report ends: "Can Eisner get along with anyone? Will Roy Disney rescue the family business? Does Jobs want another job? This is reality entertainment."