Former Macworld columnist Steven Levy interviewed Apple CEO Steve Jobs during New York’s Macworld Expo. In the Newsweek report, Jobs talks about the new G4 Cube, Disney rumours and claims that Microsoft and Intel would sell anything to make money.

Jobs is adamant that only Apple cares enough about personal computing to change the way we work and play. "There’s a lot of people predicting the fading of the PC in importance. We believe quite the opposite. We believe a lot of the industry’s been in a coma the last several years. Apple was in a coma, too, a few years ago, but we’re back to innovating again.

"Most of the people running the companies don’t love PCs. Does Steve Ballmer love PCs? Does [Intel CEO] Craig Barrett love PCs? Does Michael Dell love PCs? If he wasn’t selling PCs he’d be selling something else! We have this incredible, unshakable belief that if we make the coolest computers, make them more affordable, more powerful, that we’re going to be successful."

Drop dead perfect On the innovative G4 Cube and future projects, Jobs is proud of Apple’s design and engineering: "Cubes are very efficient spaces. What makes this one [special] for me is not the fact that it’s a cube, but it’s like a brain in a beaker. It’s just hanging from this perfectly clear, pristine crystal enclosure. That’s what’s so drop dead about it. It’s incredibly functional. The whole thing is perfect.

"I love this stuff! I’ve been doing this almost my whole life. We’re total fanatics about this stuff! Just like BMW and Mercedes, and Porsche, we’re like that! Each thing we do, we ask, "How can we do this again?" There are things on the horizon [at Apple] that are exactly in this league."

As for rumours that Disney is to buy both of his companies (Apple and Pixar), Jobs is dismissive in the extreme: "It doesn’t appeal to me at all. I’m a product person. I believe it’s possible to express your feelings and your caring about things from your products, whether that product is a computer system or "Toy Story II." It’s wonderful to make a pure expression of something and then make a million copies. Like the G4 Cube. There will be a million copies of this out there."