Rumours that Steve Jobs will cancel his keynote speech at Apple Expo, Paris have been quashed by sources at a Apple headquarters in Paris, France.

Show organizers Reed are not responsible for the keynote speech itself, but say they also have not been given news of Jobs' withdrawal.

The rumours claimed that Jobs would pull out of the keynote in response to vocal protests from a small group of UK users. The protestors are aggrieved at what they perceive as Apple’s arrogant treatment of customers, and its cancellation of the UK Apple Expo.

Not true Reed still believe: "Steve Jobs is doing a keynote speech, Wednesday."

Apple PR in France also confirmed that Jobs' keynote is to go ahead, despite threats of protest from a small group of users. Apple's UK press representatives were unavailable for comment.

Reed also denied that the recent fuel strikes in France by truckers and other groups would affect travel to the show. The situation is expected to return to normal over the weekend.

Agreement Delegations from the striking groups met with the French Transport Minister yesterday, and came to an agreement. A Reed representative said: "It goes to local vote now, but my sources report that most of the people seems satisfied with the arrangement."

The European Commission yesterday gave France 24 hours to explain what it was doing to halt the disruption, which contravenes EU law regarding free movement of goods between member states.