Pixar CEO Steve Jobs is looking to re-establish distribution links with Disney, industry insiders claim.

Analysts say Jobs – also Apple's CEO – wants most to remain with Disney because Pixar's family-oriented films are a natural fit with Disney's wholesome image, and are easy to market alongside other Disney characters. They also say the partnership has been profitable for both Jobs and Disney chairman and CEO Michael Eisner.

The International Herald Tribune reports that Jobs has turned down meetings with potential partners including Sony, Warner Brothers, and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

Jobs told the Tribune he is seeking a distribution-only agreement with a studio, that would allow Pixar to fully finance its films, negotiate its own merchandising agreements and keep most of the profits for itself.

Some analysts suggest he is holding out for another deal with Disney.

Jobs also admitted he was moving ahead slowly with potential distributors. "We are talking, but maybe not as much as they'd like."