He may only earn a dollar a year, but Apple CEO Steve Jobs is California's highest-paid chief executive.

Jobs features at the top of the Los Angeles Times annual survey thanks to his 5 million restricted stock options, which are said to earn him over $74.75 million a year.

The LA Times notes that the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners Union used the recent Apple annual shareholders meeting to ask for the compensation policy to be changed. They asked Apple to cap Jobs' salary based on the average salary paid to chief executives at similar companies – $1 million. They were prepared to allow Jobs a bonus and stock grants of $1 million each, for total maximum pay of $3 million.

The union also stipulated that no one else at the company should earn more than the CEO. Apple's board opposed the motion.

Jobs also makes $1 a week from his post as CEO of Pixar, but doesn't receive substantial stock options or perks, according to Pixar.