Further details in the ongoing saga of Apple CEO Steve Jobs' Woodside house have emerged.

The San Francisco Gate has filed a report including comments made by Jobs at a public meeting about the house and his plans for the land.

Jobs has owned the $3.5 million mansion at 460 Mountain Home Road, Woodside for 20 years but wants to pull it down and build a smaller house for him and his family. He described the house, which was built in the style of a Spanish colonial village, as "one of the biggest abominations of a house I've ever seen".

Jobs said he bought the house "because I loved the land and the trees," he added: "My intention was always to tear it down, it was pretty much a dump when I moved in."

Jobs described the house as "poorly built" and said that although he had studied architecture, he had never heard of architect George Washington Smith.

"I think I could build something far, far nicer and far more historically interesting down the road," said Jobs.

Unfortunately for Jobs, town planners have stamped a preservation order on the property, due to the 1920s house's historic and environmental value. Three people have appealed against Jobs' plans, including Clotilde Luce who lived in the house in the 1970s, and Virginia Gill Andersen, the great-niece of Daniel Jackling for whom the house was built.

On October 12 the town council will debate alternatives to demolition, and determine whether there is any public benefit to letting Jobs demolish the house.