Apple CEO Steve Jobs and his design guru Jonathan Ive are in London.

Jobs visited the Apple Store on London's Regent Street yesterday and revealed that the company plans to open a retail store in Paris by 2007.

Jobs and Apple's head of industrial design Jonathan Ive spoke with MacPlus (a French Mac Web site) yesterday.

But the real reason for their stay in London this week is to attend the D&AD Awards at Old Billingsgate. The two will join 1,800 guests at the annual celebration of design excellence.

Stephen Fry presents

Mac evangelist Stephen Fry will present the winners with Yellow Pencils (Silver Awards). Apple has received three nominations in this years awards.

Fry presented the awards in 2000, when Jonathan Ive flew across to collect the very rare Black Pencil award for the Apple Cinema Display. That year, the Power Mac G4 won a Yellow Pencil in the same category, while the iBook won a Yellow Pencil for Product Design for the Home.

Stephen Fry referred to Ive as "Jonathan God Ive", and also offered to lick any "nook or cranny or crevice of anyone’s body" if they would give him a Cinema Display.

The D&AD is a professional association and education charity that aims to set creative standards, inspire the next generation of designers and promote the importance of good design and advertising.