Apple has released the satellite access information for Steve Jobs' keynote speech at Macworld Expo, New York, on Wednesday 19 July.

The speech will be available by satellite, on the Telstar 5/Transponder 11 KU Band at an Orbital Slot of 97 degrees West. The down-link frequency is 11,929Mhz, the up-link is 14,229Mhz.

The transmission will also be available from the Telstar 6 satellite. The down-link frequency for this is 3,860Mhz, the up-link 6,085Mhz.

The keynote will also be available via European satellite on EUTELSAT W2 at the following coordinates: 16 Degrees East, on a downlink frequency of 11,690.33 (V). The transmission will be in digital, MPEG 2 and PAL formats on the D9/Channel DVB 3 transponder with Vertical polarization.

As we reported last week, Apple will also webcast the event on its QuickTime network.