Apple CEO Steve Jobs is "the King of digital cool," according to a US computer reseller magazine.

Jobs is listed as being among the most influential computer-industry figures by US computer-reseller's magazine CRN. He is named alongside Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, HP chairman and CEO Carly Fiorina, Oracle's Larry Ellison, and Michael Dell, founder of Dell.

According to CRN, "Apple's biggest splash over the past year is iPod and iTunes Music Store".

Tommy Turner, president of AIS Computers, said: "The iPod and iTunes Music Store are bringing in a set of customers that we may not have seen otherwise."

Scott Schaefer, president of Techknowsphere, a New York-based Apple solution provider, said: "Those products have spawned a range of copycat offerings and spurred major IT and consumer-electronics vendors to mirror the digital lifestyle concept championed by Jobs and Apple.

"Everybody else is jumping on his bandwagon. Steve originates. Everyone else duplicates."