Apple CEO Steve Jobs epitomizes the spirit and personality of Apple Computer, asserted influential Californian publication the Mercury News yesterday.

"Just as it was 20 years ago, it's impossible to talk about the Mac today without discussing the two faces of Steve Jobs", the report begins.

These two faces include the celebrity action figure with all the folkloric legends that attach to the man: inventing the first ever Apple in a garage, beng ousted from the company he helped create, his eventual return, the company-saving vision he carries and his reputation for arrogance. "Over the years Jobs' personal story line has been distilled to a series of drag-&-drop icons", the report states.

The second facet of Jobs' rare gem includes "the real working head of state for the Mac world", the report says.

"Now, in an era where bean-counters and marketeers call the shots and most valley CEOs wouldn't know a floating-point unit from a fish fork, Jobs is the last Big Kahuna still standing". Apple is his company and his vision "writ large".

"It's instructive to note that arrogance, Jobs' greatest personal weakness, became an organizational strength as a pillar of Apple's internal culture."

It has given the company the strength to travel the less-travelled highways in its quest to innovate and continuously revolutionize the experience of personal computing.

Mercury News concludes: "The first duty of Jobs, as the Supreme Defender of the Macintosh faith, is to make sure Apple stays on message. And he's doing a magnificent job. The brand stands for exactly what it did on the day the first Mac shipped. Apple products are still elegant, intuitive and accessible. Above all else, they are still cool."