Apple and Pixar CEO Steve Jobs is becoming the "personification of the digital media mogul", reports the New York Times.

Jobs' decision to end talks with Disney CEO Michael Eisner concerning the extension of the Pixar/Disney distribution deal is described as a sign of the "changing balance of power" between existing media giants and the digitally empowered entrepreneurs who, like Jobs, are "changing the way media content is made and distributed".

Jobs wins praise for both recognizing the potential of technology and accepting the limitations of that technology. "For all his talk of revolution over the years Jobs has taken a disciplined, evolutionary approach to the media industry that has been remarkably successful," the report says.

The Jobs-led Pixar hasn't evolved to be a technology-led company, but has harnessed technology as an extension of the classic powers of the medium – high-quality story-telling and animation artistry.

The report speculates that Jobs may desire a top job in Hollywood, but cautions: "Others note that Jobs has always done best when he has stayed close to the technology. And they predict that this new media mogul will have no need to go Hollywood."