Apple CEO (and board member of Disney) Steve Jobs has overtaken Rupert Murdoch in a league table of media moguls.

Jobs is ranked number two in the MediaGuardian 100 power list. In first place is taken by BBC director general Mark Thompson. Head of News Corp Murdoch had been in second place, but Jobs has relegated him to bronze.

Apple’s CEO is credited with: "Having transformed the way we consume music." The panel of judges also considered that: "Jobs is now doing the same for television with the launch of the video iPod, capable of showing films and TV programmes downloaded from the net."

The Podcasting phenomenon is also noted for giving: "A voice to millions of would-be broadcasters around the globe. It turned newspapers into radio stations, and radio stations into audio and video-on-demand services."

One panelist concluded: "There is not a media boardroom in the world that Jobs could not walk into. Everyone is trying to second guess what he does next. He is influencing everyone's thinking."