According to a report Thursday from Reuters unearthed by MacCentral, Apple's CEO Steve Jobs answered questions about Apple's potential launch of a music service and its reported acquisition of Universal Music Group Inc. – a rumour that generated so much public interest that Apple uncharacteristically offered a press release denying its veracity.

Responding to a shareholder question at Apple's annual shareholder meeting, which took place Thursday in Cupertino, California, Jobs reportedly answered, "There have been a lot of rumours in the last few weeks. Many of them are not true and some of them are true."

Apple has sent some media outlets an invitation to a press event scheduled for April 28 that would sport "announcements that will be music to your ears." The news has fuelled speculation that Apple may unveil some type of music service – long rumoured, but never confirmed. When a shareholder asked about whether Apple had plans to offer such a capability, Jobs said coyly, "You'd think so if you haven't been asleep the last two weeks."

Jobs said later that he's never seen Apple employees work as hard as they are now, and that morale at the company was "very high." He added that Apple leads the computer industry in innovation.