In an attempt to secure agreement with preservation officials ion Woodside, Apple CEO Steve Jobs is offering to give his old house away.

He's applying little marketing magic to woo potential takers: whoever wants the old place will have to pay to have the house transported elsewhere. Jobs has variously called his Woodside mansion, "a dump" and also, "one of the biggest abominations of a house I've ever seen". Sound good?

Not so good - the affair has been ongoing for months, and has now made the lead column in a US magazine called, 'This Old House', reports MacMinute.

During a meeting in June, Jobs' attorney Howard Ellman told planning commissioners that Jobs would "not only be willing to give the house away, but that he might even contribute to the cost of removing it," according to The Almanac.

Jobs has owned the mansion in Woodside for twenty years. He lived there with his sister before moving to Palo Alto, but now wants to pull "the dump" down to build "a much smaller house for his family".

However, town planners have stamped a preservation order on the property, insisting Jobs respect the 1920s Mission Revival style house's historic and environmental value.

All concerned hope that by finding someone to transport and preserve the property, all sides can achieve a successful resolution.